Efficient Commercial Kitchens Mean Healthy Profits

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If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, you know the importance of good food in getting positive word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews. Reputation can make or break a restaurant, and food quality is one of the main things people comment on. But sometimes what’s even more important is service. If you have problems getting that food out to people efficiently and with a smile, your customers might give a negative review no matter what the food tastes like.

One thing many restaurateurs don’t consider related to food and service is the importance of consulting with a top-quality metal fabrication shop in Biloxi, MS to ensure their kitchens are well-designed and working properly. Keep reading to see how kitchen design and maintenance affects your bottom line: Commercial Kitchen

  • Creating a logical flow: Thinking more about your kitchen design—like where to place ovens, food prep areas and storage areas—can help to ensure that your kitchen runs to the best of its abilities. If you place things illogically, it can add time to service or make it difficult for the expediter and staff to communicate, which often leads to disaster during busy service hours. Choosing custom-built kitchen pieces will alleviate this issue.
  • Preventing service interruptions: Diners often don’t care what’s going on in the kitchen and can be pretty unforgiving about delays. If you wait too long in between service calls to check on your kitchen equipment, you might end up in a bind. Imagine that one or two of the burners on your stove fails because of lax maintenance, causing an interruption to the service until that part can be replaced. This might last a few days or even a week or two, depending on the part you need, and you’ll have to add this bill to the loss your restaurant experiences when the kitchen can’t turn tables as quickly as usual.
  • Keeping workers happy: So much of your customers’ dining experience depends on their servers and front-of-house staff. It may seem odd, but your kitchen design and maintenance actually relate to their morale and efforts in the dining room. If the kitchen has issues and food is slow to hit the window, the staff on the floor are the ones who suffer the most from guest complaints and lousy tips. Making sure your kitchen is maintained through regular service calls will help it function better and keep your staff and guests happier.

If you want your profits to grow, it might be time to touch base with a local metal fabrication shop in Biloxi, MS to review your kitchen and equipment design. For quality service at affordable prices, check out Advanced Fabrication, Inc. We’ve served customers since 1987, and have the expertise you need for custom-made equipment or repairs.

Advanced Fabrication, Inc. services stainless steel and aluminum, offering repairs, modifications, welding and fabrication. Call 601-796-7977 or send us an email today at advfab@bellsouth.net to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to helping your commercial kitchen succeed with reliable equipment that meets your needs!

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