Wrought Iron vs. Wooden Staircase Spindles: Which to Choose?

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Staircase spindles, also called balusters, might initially seem like an afterthought when you’re considering home design. However, they pack more of a design punch than you might initially think. The two major options you can choose between are wooden and wrought iron spindles, and each brings something different to the table.

You might not think you’re ready for custom metal fabrication in Biloxi, MS, but if you look at the advantages of iron spindles over wooden spindles, you will find that iron wins out in this design battle. Read on to see why: Wrought Iron Staircase

  • Strength: Wrought iron spindles add more strength and stability than wooden spindles, mainly because the material holds up better over time. They are also not susceptible to any type of bugs, like termites, that can destroy wood throughout your home.
  • Options galore: Because iron can be molded into nearly any shape, you have more design options open to you when planning out your staircase. Many people like to mix and match different patterns to create even more drama with their design. You can also choose between hollow and solid iron balusters, which provides more options. It’s true that wood can also be molded via a lathe, but you can’t get the same range of shapes with wood, particularly if you like things with lots of curves and more intricate designs.
  • Many colors: You might think that iron balusters are only available in black, but that’s far from the truth. Like wooden balusters, iron ones can be painted in whatever color you think would be inviting in your home. You can choose from a range of different finishes to imitate types of metal, like brushed bronze or nickel. Still, the traditional black is probably the most widely chosen color, as it’s sophisticated and neutral, allowing the design to stand out against the stairs and wall.
  • Always elegant: There’s just something about wrought iron spindles that adds elegance to a space beyond what wood can do. Wrought iron really dresses up a home and can make the stairway something that stands out as a beautiful architectural centerpiece rather than a mere tool for moving between floors.

If you’re trying to decide between wooden and wrought iron balusters, the choice should be clear: wrought iron reigns supreme, and the time is now to seek custom metal fabrication in Biloxi, MS. Of course, if you’re hoping to create your own beautiful staircase, you need the best team to get the job done. Look no further than Advanced Fabrication, Inc. We have spent the past 30-plus years providing excellent custom metal fabrication services to clients throughout Mississippi and the surrounding states.

Although Advanced Fabrication, Inc. specializes in equipment for commercial and industrial needs, we also offer an exceptional team that can craft turnkey metal fabrication for your home’s staircases. Our experts take pride in everything we create, and we know we can ensure your balusters will showcase our skills. Call today for more information on what we offer or to schedule a consultation!

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