14Jul, 2016

Benefits of Aluminum

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 Aluminum has been used in the creation of a plethora of different projects, from airplanes to the soda can you drank at lunch. Here are some benefits of using aluminum:

  • Lightweight – approximately one-third of the weight of iron, steel, copper, or brass. Additionally, this also saves on shipping, as the product will be lighter than if made with another metal.
  • Strong – Strong enough for most uses and is well suited for cold environments because aluminum actually gets harder the colder the temperature
  • Will Not Rust
  • Conducts: Heat/Cold, Electricity
  • Non-Magnetic – Useful for high-voltage equipment as well as electronics.
  • Non-Sparking – Aluminum does not give off sparks, making it a great choice in highly flammable environments.
To get your custom made aluminum product started today, call (877) 471-0463 toll free, email us at or visit us at Advanced Fabrications, Inc. You can also reach us by filling out our contact form online.

Metal tubing
31May, 2016

How to Maintain Your Aluminum Railings

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Many homes and business owners choose aluminum railings for the exterior of their building. Why? Because they are durable, easy to install, and come with a lower cost. Another one of their benefits is how easy they are to maintain so they last for years. All they need is a wash with some mild soap and water. Simply wipe them down with the solution and rinse. If you want to make it shine, use a car paste wax to coat the railing. If done once every few months, or as needed, then your rails will last for years. Create your custom railings by contacting Advanced Fabrications. To learn more about our metal welding and fabrication, visit us online or call us at 504.471.0463

Steel Planters
20Apr, 2016

A Metal of All Trades

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Whether you are looking for art sculpture to add to your curb appeal, a new dog door, or flag pole to demonstrate your patriotism, Advanced Fabrications can create it for you. Working with alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper; Advanced Fabrications can build anything you dream up.Check out some of Advanced Fabrications past projects below:

  • Metal Fences
  • BBQs
  • Steel Art Work
  • Flag Poles
  • Aluminum Pet Doors
  • Steel Planters
  • Gates
  • Garden Beds
These are only to name a few of the endless possibilities steel fabrication can bring to life. To dream up your next residential project contact Advanced Fabrications by calling 877.471.0463 or email

17Mar, 2016

Custom Metal Fabrications

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shutterstock_226297183 Advanced Fabrication Inc., we have perfected the art in custom metal fabrication, specializing in stainless steel and aluminum fabrication. We do not limit ourselves to only stainless steel and aluminum, we can fabricate anything out of most alloys. Serving industrial, commercial, and residential industries.No matter how big or small your project may be, we want to help. We have fabricated a wide-range of projects for different industries, from customized stovetops, to hand railings, and statues; the sky’s the limit at Advanced Fabrication.We are currently servicing the areas of New Orleans, Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Pine Belt area. If you live in one of these areas give us a call 877-471-0463 or contact us online to start the welding process. 

12Feb, 2016

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28Jan, 2016

Welcome To Advanced Fabrication!

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advanced fabOver the 27 year period that we have been in business, we have received almost every type of request.  From companies to restaurants, to power plants, we can handle any type of project.Other than our skill with metal, a lot of what makes us good at our jobs is our ethic, quality, integrity, and workmanship.  Being around for as long as we have, allows us to really cater to our clientele no matter what their specialty or project.Take a look at our website to see what we do, past projects, and more information on us