The Basic Processes of Welding in Biloxi, MS

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Welding is used to create a strong bond between two pieces of metal. Welding fuses these metals together at the molecular level to establish a bond that’s strong enough to withstand a wide variety of conditions and last for years, or even decades. Even though most people encounter buildings and products on a regular basis that have been created with welding, a lot of people don’t know much about the welding process or the different types of welding that are used. Read on to find out more about the specifics of the welding process.

Types of welding

All types of welding in Biloxi, MS utilize heat and pressure to fuse two different materials together, but there are different types of welding methods that use different equipment and processes to form a bond between metal components. There are four basic types of welding that are important to understand if you want to find out more about the welding process and determine which welding method is right for your specific needs:

  • Metal inert gas welding: Metal inert gas welding, or MIG welding, uses a wire that’s connected to an electrode current to channel a shielded gas that heats the two metal components and fuses them together. To complete this type of welding, it’s necessary to have a direct current power source with a constant voltage. This is the most common industrial welding process and it’s used for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding in Biloxi, MS.
  • Arc welding: Arc welding is considered to be the most straightforward type of welding. During arc welding, a welder will use an electrically charged welding stick to create an arc with the materials that are being fused. This electric arc joins the two metals together with a strong, reinforced bond. Arc welding is frequently used for steel construction, industrial fabrication, manufacturing and repair.
  • Flux-cored arc welding: Flux-cored arc welding, or FCAW, is similar to metal inert gas welding. With this type of welding, flux is channeled through a wire tube to create a focused arc between the welding nozzle and the metal components that are being fused together. In some cases, it’s unnecessary to use a shield gas with this type of welding. Because of the high welding speed and portability offered by this welding method, it is popular on construction projects.
  • Tungsten inert gas welding: With tungsten inert gas welding, or TIG welding, an electrode is used to melt the base metal and create an autogenous weld between two metals. This process is complicated to complete and requires a significant amount of experience and training.

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