Wrought Iron vs. Wood staircase railings

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3 reasons to choose Wrought Iron railings

Iron staircases are taking the interior design industry by storm and there are several reasons for this trend:

Durability – Staircase railings made of iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals are made to last. Their lifetime will far surpass their wooden counterpart. They are also resistant to being dented or damaged, which is why they are often used outdoors as well as indoors. In case of a fire or earthquake they will most likely survive above other items in your home.

Versatility – Since metals can be molded into different shapes you can easily create different curvatures for your staircase. Whether you want a sleek modern design or intricate detailed railing, metal railings offer it all.

Artistic – Staircases take up a lot of room in your home, why not make it look like an art piece. Iron railings can become an eye-catching focal point in your home and create an elegant and graceful environment.

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