Sheet Metal & Framing Fabrication in Biloxi, Mississippi

At Advanced Fabrication, we’re masters of metal fabrication. We welcome projects of all types and complexities, from customers in a variety of industries. We are a Biloxi, Mississippi company that specializes in steel fabrication and we take exceptional pride in producing results that are flawless and of a high caliber; passing them on to our customers with stellar results. Check out some of the most frequent types of projects we tackle below.

Commercial Metal Fabricating

We primarily serve commercial clients from a wide range of industries. Our abilities are second to none when it comes to sheet metal fabrication in Biloxi, MS, and we pay close attention to the needs of every project that comes through our shop. Our skills span all forms of fabrication, repair, and installation.
Some of the most common commercial jobs we take include installations for restaurant kitchens, dumpster door gate systems, repairs for leaking fryers, rooftop latter systems, drive-through bar height systems, barrier protectors and handrails, among others.

Our work also extends to residential customers who have decorative or light infrastructure welding demands. Here again, our abilities encompass fabrication, repair and installation, and we strive to produce workmanship of the highest caliber. Some of the chief projects we accept from private customers include outdoor barbecues, residential back places, countertops, walls, spice racks, hood systems and handrails.

Industrial Metal Fabricating

Where the biggest welding and fabrication jobs are concerned, Advanced Fabrication, Inc. is ready to answer the call. We welcome jobs of all sizes, across numerous industries. Our satisfied customers include partners from within the medical industry, laboratory industry, marine Industry and many, many others.

High-Level Fabrication for Biloxi Residents & Businesses

Don’t settle for subpar fabrication when it comes to your metalworking project. Instead, consult with the experts at Advanced Fabrication, Inc. for top-tier workmanship across a strong breadth of industries and project specifications. Have a custom metal fabrication project you need quoted? We do that too! Also, don’t forget to ask about our welding and specialty welding services.