Service Areas

Welding and Metal Fabrication Servicing All of New Orleans, & All of Louisiana

Advanced Fabrication INC was founded in Kenner, Louisiana gaining the majority of our current day clientele from that location. Despite our change in location, we still provide quality fabrication services in all of New Orleans and all of the Louisiana.

Call us Today! 504 471-0463 main New Orleans area, 601 796-7977 Pine Belt area, Mississippi Gulf Coast 228 392-0400

Providing Quality Fabrication in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Our fabricating facility is located in Lumberton, Mississippi. We service the food industry, marine industry, medical industry, and residential.
Phone: (228) 392 0400 Fax: (601) 796 7978

Quality Metal Fabrication in the Pine Belt-Hattiesburg area

We specialize in stainless steel & aluminum welding/fabrication/repair in all kinds of properties. Our robust engineering group offers years of product design experience & special talents in beautiful metal fabrications.
Phone: (601) 796 7977 Fax: (601) 796-7978

Stainless Counter, Hood system & wall.

Rod Iron Hand Rail Staircase

Aluminum Fabricated Hoods