Custom Metal Welder Service in Biloxi, Mississippi

At Advanced Fabrication, not only are we the premier resource for your general welding projects, we’re also able to provide our customers with a variety of specialty welding services as well. Using MIG and TIG proficiencies and welding most alloys, we channel our abilities into a full breadth of specialty projects to meet the needs of our customers.

Custom Welding Capabilities

Our specialty welding services extend to most projects, most commonly covering stainless steel and aluminum welding in Biloxi. We can work within the parameters of your plans and specifications, to ensure the finished product meets spec. We’re happy to consult at length with you about your needs and will tailor our welding abilities around the expectations of the project.

Turnkey Welding

We frequently work with commercial and industrial customers to provide turnkey services. This includes welding stainless steel for factory equipment, construction vehicles, HVAC systems and a wide breadth of other applications throughout the Biloxi area. Through turnkey welding, we’re able to examine and meet the unique needs of a particular product, forming and fabricating around those expectations. Our goal is to ensure your needs are met to the fullest.

Mobile Welding

While many welders have fully-equipped facilities to welcome welding project, Advanced Fabrication, Inc. takes things a step further. Not only do we have a fully furnished shop, we also offer mobile welding services to customers. This enables us to provide on-the-spot welds, to the specifications of your project. We have experience working on jobsites of all types and in tandem with your operations, getting work done quickly, flawlessly and safely.

Meeting Your Biloxi, Mississippi Welding Demands

If your project requires expert welding services—no matter how niche or to what degree of customization—let the professionals at Advanced Fabrication assist you. Contact our team today and we’ll show you why we’re among the most reputable welders in the area when it comes to specialty work and turnkey service. Don’t forget to ask us about our standard metal fabrication and custom fabrication services!